The yoga we offer at talk/touch/move has open arms, our yoga is for everyone. Our classes and workshops are designed to meet the special needs that are the result of life’s inevitable challenges. We offer specialized bodywork where you can find relief from chronic muscle, joint and back pain; relief from depression and anxiety-related disorders or find ease and comfort the many difficulties that come with aging. To take any of our classes you need to book directly with the yoga instructor. Yoga is an empowering body-mind activity, a physical and spiritual make-over that encourages you to embrace a fresh level of physical and mental well-being. Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase endurance, strength, flexibility and balance for your body and your mind. Less stress – more energy – more life – more living

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Denise Ho ERYT 200
Yoga Instructor

Denise unrolled her first yoga mat 10 years ago at a local gym to compliment her fitness routine. After that first Power Yoga class, she was hooked. As her practice developed, she enjoyed the benefits of various intense styles of yoga. Her journey with yoga took a sharp turn with a cancer diagnosis in 2008. During her treatment, she began to explore different styles of yoga and other healing modalities to cope with stress and anxiety. A new interest in gentle and restorative yoga styles and the desire to share her healing journey with others, led her to complete the 200 hour training at YogaSpace, with Kathryn Beet, Patricia White, and Hali Schwartz.

Melissa Campagnolo, C-IAYT
Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist

For years as a yoga teacher I have watched people transform through their yoga practice – becoming stronger, healthier, and more at ease. What drew me to yoga therapy was taking this a step further and helping people with health challenges work toward improved health and wellbeing through yoga.

I work individually with clients, choosing practices to support their current condition, specific needs and goals. In an individual session, you may find a range of practices: movement, breathing, meditation, self reflection, and relaxation. You may discover new habits to cultivate improved health or old habits that may contribute to your condition.  

I teach therapeutic yoga classes as well. In classes, such as the Essential Low Back Program or Yoga for Better Sleep, we address common health concerns with yoga practices, practical tips, reflection on our habits, and discussion of relevant anatomy or other teachings.

Meditation is an important part of yoga. In addition to my yoga training in meditation, I’ve completed the Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate Program at the University of Toronto.

Yoga is being researched through science. Studies have shown yoga: reduces stress, improves sleep, decreases anxiety, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, boosts immunity, slows and decreases signs of atherosclerosis, improves balance, reduces chronic low back pain. I teach the Essential Low Back Program, a series of yoga practices that was researched in the US by the National Institutes of Health. I feel yoga gives us a way to improve our own health, every day. What can yoga do for you today? I look forward to working with you.