Yoga Therapy

The yoga we offer at talk/touch/move has open arms, our yoga is for everyone. Our classes and workshops are designed to meet the special needs that are the result of life’s inevitable challenges. We offer specialized bodywork where you can find relief from chronic muscle, joint and back pain; relief from depression and anxiety-related disorders or find ease and comfort the many difficulties that come with aging. To take any of our classes you need to book directly with the yoga instructor.

Yoga is an empowering body-mind activity, a physical and spiritual make-over that encourages you to embrace a fresh level of physical and mental well-being. Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase endurance, strength, flexibility and balance for your body and your mind.

The physical benefits from a regular practice are many – beyond fundamental improvements in strength, flexibility and balance, your stronger core will improve your posture. As your skeletal frame gently readjusts into a proper alignment you will nurture your spinal discs, experience a fuller range of joint movement and soothe the debilitating hip, knee and back pain. As your blood pressure lowers as a result of your practice, your circulation increases and your heart rate will drop and thereby your risk of heart disease is lowered. A consistent practice has also been proven to strengthen bones, lower the blood sugar level and boosts your immune system.

Mindfulness – yoga encourages you to release stress by shifting your inner balance from the ‘fight or flight’ sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic ‘calming and restorative’ nervous system. Yoga unclutters and quiets the mind and enhances your sense of personal well-being by creating a peaceful refuge within. A mindful practice will often translate into mindful eating. Yoga can also heighten brain function, reaction time and improve your memory.

talk | touch | move is not about working out but creating a healthy lifestyle. We have endeavored to create a welcoming space where you can progress at your own pace and yet share in the activity with like-minded souls. Yoga can change your physical and mental resilience quickly while preparing your body and mind for long-term health. To take any class or workshop you need to connect directly with the yoga therapist.

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