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Dr. Paul Davis BSc ND

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The cornerstones of good health are always going to be our diet, our lifestyle, and the social and physical environments we live in. In my practice, I offer Personalized Naturopathic Wellness Plans that address key aspects of  your diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors, and take into account your metabolic and genetic risks factors for health and disease. With compassionate, well-informed guidance, and strong support, I believe everyone can make significant improvements in the modifiable areas of their lives, and create a positive impact on their health.


I graduated from the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine (now the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine) in 1989, and have been practicing in Toronto ever since then. I have been teaching at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine since 1991.


Since I opened my practice in 1989 a lot has changed for the better inhealth caredeliveryin Ontario. However, there has also been a consistent rise in chronic and degenerative diseases in our population. The reasons are at once complex and yet quite straightforward. An aging population is a factor of course. However, beyond that, we have to look at diet, lifestyle, and enviromental factors.


Most disease in our society today is chronic in nature, and it is well-recognized that diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors play a significant role in determining our current and future health status, lifespan and healthspan. Naturopathic Medicine pro-actively identifies and seeks to improve and rebalance negative ormaladapteddiet, lifestyle, and environmental factors, as well as strengthenour innate defenses against disease. Promotion of health, and prevention of disease, are emphasized.


My approach is holistic, personalized, supportive, and compassionate, and takes into accountthe important aspects of your individual health picture. I want to know what has high-priority for you! We will discuss your current health concerns, and explorewhat is most important to you, what you want to work on now, and what you’d like to work on later.


As well, I will ask you about your past health history, family health history, explore your risk factors for common chronic diseases,discuss recent and past lab tests and imaging, and perform a physical exam that is relevant to your most important health concerns. From this, I will create a plan with you, that will address these concerns, while co-ordinating with whatever conventional care is in place.


My training allows me to integrate standard and functional lab and imaging reports and provide guidance to you regarding their relevance to your health picture.  Lab tests can help identify and track important risk factors underlying many health concerns. Tracking these ‘biomarkers’ while we make diet, lifestyle, and environmental changes, can be a very powerful strategy for improving our health.


Your ‘Personalized Wellness Plan’ will be focused on the areas of your health you’ve prioritized, and it will contain very specific recommendations. Expected benefits, potential adverse effects, costs, and alternative treatment options will be discussed with you so that you are able to make informed decisions about your health. As well, all natural health product recommendations will be evaluated for potential natural health product/medication interactions, to ensure that all treatments are safe.


‘Helping you forward’. My goal is to help you move forward in achieving your immediate health goals, and to help you achieve and maintain improved long-term health. I believe that theseare achievable goals when your existing health caresupports are complemented with a well-structured and comprehensive Personalized Naturopathic Wellness Plan. I look forward to working with you.

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