Paulette A. Goddard

Calm Spectrum Consulting


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For the past 25 years, my mission has been to provide individualized coaching and support for autistic adults (ASD). The primary goal is to help them live a more fulfilling, peaceful and independent life.  Using a coaching process developed over my career, I work towards inspiring, teaching, coaching, and supporting individuals, and consulting with their family to meet their individual goals and develop skill to manage challenges.  We work together to develop skill in social understanding, relationships, emotional regulation, personal growth and gaining and keeping employment.


Through personal experience (with myself and my son having anxiety), I know how important it is to have the necessary tools so anxiety doesn’t get in the way of achieving goals. Through ongoing education, the toolkit has evolved to help clients and their families better manage stress/anxiety by developing an awareness of levels of emotions and working to develop tools that work to manage stress, such as a breath & movement practice to assist with emotional regulation.  Also through group courses such as Living Life to the Full, PEERS, and Face your Fears.


This is a process that supports moving towards meeting their individual goals whether that be employment, college, university, independent living, friendships and relationships.




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