Rostyslav Shemechko BSc. MSc. Ph.D

Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO

CBT, EMDR, Scheme-Therapy

Life Coach




I am a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO), Schema-Therapist, Certified Therapist in CBT and EMDR and I received my education in various European Universities in the following areas: Theology (Catholic University of Lublin, Poland), Pedagogy (Pontifical Salisian University, Rome, Italy), Psychology and Psychotherapy (Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum/Skinner Institute, Rome, Italy; Oxford Center of CBT; UICBT; Austrian Institute of EMDR, Vienna, Austria).


I started my career as a University Professor where I worked for 8 years and where I became a Co-Founder and a President of the Center of Psychology, Center of Counseling and Vice-President of the Institute of Mental Health. Working as a Psychotherapist for over 10 years, I offer individual, couple, relationship and family therapy, therapeutic groups and training. I also provide individual and group coaching. Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy and EMDR are areas of specialized training and experience.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences, psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Schema Therapy is a leading, modern, integrative approach to treatment of personality disorders which are the results of traumatic childhood.


Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – a practical, short-term form of psychotherapy which helps people to examine how they make sense of what is happening around them and how these perceptions affect the way they feel. Becoming aware of inaccurate or negative thinking person can view challenging situations more clearly and respond to them in a more effective way.


My approach can be helpful in treating mental health disorders, such as:


• Depression

• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

• Generalized Anxiety disorders

• Panic disorder

• Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

• Specific Phobias

• Eating disorders

• Sleep disorders

• Sexual disorders

• Substance use disorders


This approach can be helpful not only for individuals with mental health conditions, it can also be an effective tool to help anyone learn how to better manage stressful life situations in the following ways:


• Identify ways to manage emotions

• Resolve relationship conflicts and learn better ways to communicate

• Cope with grief or loss

• Overcome emotional trauma related to abuse or violence

• Cope with a medical illness

• Manage chronic physical symptoms

• Manage symptoms of mental illness

• Prevent a relapse of mental illness symptoms

• Treat a mental illness when medications aren’t a good option


Therapy may be done one-on-one, or in groups with family members or with people who have similar issues. It often includes:


Learning about your mental health condition


Learning and practicing techniques such as relaxation, coping, resilience, stress management and assertiveness


You can receive my service in office or on-line.


In addition, I am fluent in and offer psychotherapy in several languages:  English, Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Russian




EMDR Therapist certified by EMDR Europe Association (EMDR Institute of Austria).


CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) Therapist certified by European Associaion of CBT (Oxford Centre of CBT).


Schema-Therapist, The International Society of Schema Therapy.


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Oxford Mindfulness Centre


Ph.D. Science of Education, Pontifical Salesian University (Rome, Italy).


Masters of CBT Counselling, Regina Apostolorum University/Skinner Institute (Rome, Italy).


Bachelor of Psychology, Lviv National University.


Family Counselling, Family Life and Methods of Natural Family Planning (Lublin, Poland).


Masters of Bioethics, Regina Apostolorum University (Rome, Italy).


Masters of Theology, Catholic University of Lublin (Poland).


Certified Coach Practitioner, International Association of Trainers of NLP.


Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ukrainian Academy of Trainings.


Certified Specialist in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Inter-regional Association of NLP Centres.



357 359 Jane Street

Toronto, ON

M6S 3Z3

416 766.2876



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