There are times in our lives when we know we are simply not doing well; when the good things in life, the things we cherish, are not as they should be.

We may be troubled by an unresolvable problem, a chronic ailment, emotional or physical trauma. Our efforts to cope may have led us into destructive behavior patterns, intractable addiction and spiritual depletion. There is no doubt that these things can impede our ability to feel good about ourselves, our lives and our relationships.

In some ways its so much easier to cope with a strained or broken limb; it is more difficult when the source of trauma is emotional, psychological, relational or spiritual. Talk therapy, is an opportunity to bond with a caring professional and share the issues of your life – the pain, anxieties and stresses – with someone who can help guide you to a new understanding leading to a better healthier self.

talk touch move® is a shared, integrated, multidisciplinary effort. We have Psychotherapists to address your individual concerns, Marriage and Family Therapists to deal with your most important relationships. Art Therapists bring you to resolution by tapping into your creative energy. Somatic Therapy that works with the nervous system, using your physical sensations to promote reconnection to your body’s wisdom, emotional release and trauma recovery. Our Naturopaths and Nutritionist help to get your body back on a healthier, more resilient path and our Addictions and Pastoral Counselor will ‘walk with you’ as you find your way through the challenging process of overcoming addiction and reconnection to a deeper meaning in life.