Dr. Kim Callaghan, ND

Naturopathic Medicine

I have been practicing natural family medicine for 13 years with a focus on children’s and women’s health. I often see families dealing with ADHD, allergies, ear infections, eczema, sensory issues and tummy aches, and women dealing with menopause, pregnancy, fertility challenges, PCOS, IBS and fatigue. My work is individualized and unique to each person and I enjoy being part of a patient’s success and empowerment in health I am passionate in helping clients feel well again so that they can enjoy a full and resilient life. When I was 20, I went to see a Naturopath for some digestive complaints. Not only did they clear up, but many things I thought were normal cleared up too. My PMS, trouble with sleep, hormonal ups and downs, allergies and asthma – all improved drastically. From that experience I knew that I wanted to spend time educating and helping people improve their day to day lives and prevent illness as a Naturopathic Doctor. So here I am. I see babies, kids, moms, dads, young adults, teens and grandparents and it’s wonderful to watch and learn as they make small or large changes to their health. It’s lovely to be told, “I’m so glad I came to see you. My life has changed.” I respect each client as I listen to their story and discover the underlying reasons for their difficulty. Then, together we make a plan for improvement. I am a graduate of the 4 year naturopathic medical program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and my undergraduate degree is in English from York University. My arts and science background allows me to find creative solutions using evidence-based, individualized protocols for each client. I am an active member of the federal and provincial naturopathic associations, CAND and OAND, respectively, as well as the Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors (APND) and I am registered with the Board of Directors Drugless Therapists – Naturopathy. As a mother with 2 children, aged 8 and 5, I find myself delighted and bewildered by both of them. In my spare time, I volunteer in the community creating and facilitating art and science programs for children. Yours in good health!