Paul Davis B.Sc., N.D.

Naturopathic Medicine

Although our health patterns seem complex, the cornerstones of radiant health are always going to be diet and lifestyle, and everyone can improve in these areas of their lives.

In my practice, I offer Personalized Naturopathic Assessments of diet, lifestyle, nutritional, metabolic and genetic risk factors for health and disease. My treatment is focused on fine-tuning diet and lifestyle to optimize your energy, fitness, personal appearance and to reduce the hidden risk factors that move us toward chronic degenerative diseases.

With compassionate, informed guidance and support, progress is much easier than most people believe. The results are definitely worth the effort.

I graduated from the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine (now the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine) in 1989, and have been practicing in Toronto ever since. I have been teaching at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine since 1991.

Since I opened my practice in 1989 a lot has changed for the better in health care in Ontario. However, there has also been a consistent rise in chronic and degenerative diseases in our population. The reasons are at once complex and yet quite straightforward; persistent uncorrected diet and lifestyle factors that adversely impact on peoples’ inherited and acquired risk factors. Naturopathic Medicine pro-actively identifies and corrects these maladapted areas of diet and lifestyle and strengthens the defenses against disease.

My assessment is holistic, exploring all important aspects of your individual health portrait. This is achieved through a detailed intake that includes examining your current physical and psychological health concerns, past health history, family health history, your current diet and lifestyle patterns, standard risk factors for common degenerative diseases, lab tests, relevant physical exams, use of natural health products and potential natural health product/medication interactions.

High-tech options for assessment include functional metabolic testing for phenotypic (what’s happening now) and genotypic/genomic (what is potentially going to occur) patterns. Areas where this approach is helpful are cardiovascular health, cancer risk, diabetes risk and management, inflammatory disorders, hormonal health, osteoporosis, brain/memory function, food allergies and sensitivities, aging and many more.

For those with known family histories of specific degenerative diseases, these tests can provide valuable insights that can be used to create an ‘individualized and actionable’ strategy to slow down, stop or reverse the process of disease.

My goal is to help you access and maintain a longer healthier life. I believe that this is an achievable goal when your existing health care is complemented with comprehensive Naturopathic Medicine care. I look forward to working with you.