Paulette A. Goddard
Calm Spectrum Consulting

Supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and their families for over 25 years. Following the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis, creating and delivering training to teachers and parents on a variety of topics: ABA principles, visuals, communications, social skills, self-regulation and many more.
A focus of my work has involved supporting individuals in managing stress/anxiety through developing an awareness of emotional levels, and creating a breath & movement practices teach self-regulation.
Currently I am working with adults on the spectrum, coaching individuals in social understanding, emotional regulation, independent living as well as gaining and keeping employment. Certified in Triple P Stepping Stones, Breath Body Mind, Face Your Fears and PEERS.
Teaching the Transition to Life course, through Integrated Autism Consulting, which supports adults with Asperger in their transition from school to work to independence through planning and setting attainable goals.
Encouraging the freedom to be: at peace, independent.